Challenge: Netflix wanted create awareness and worth of mouth surrounding the new season of their hit series Narcos.

Idea: The start of the new Narcos season was in the same period as the final weeks of the football transfer period. Connecting the Netflix series real-time to the most current and hot news surrounding these transfers became an instead hit.

Real-time frames from the series were edited, into relevant and actual content about the transfer, cross device and on various platforms (social, digital, print)

The content was so successful Netflix used the social version as a their main television commercial in the match France against the Netherlands.

Content Director: Camiel Verhey

Creative Direction: Rik toe Water

Creatives: Jochem Klicks & Mike Hupkens

Original: Netflix Narcos

Edit: Mike Hupkens

Agency: Wavemaker

Commercial halftime NL vs. FR

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