Challenge: January 2019, the holidays are over, but winter isn’t. During these months, people spend a lot of time at home. Energy levels are low, motivation is lacking and unfortunately, the house isn’t keeping itself clean and organised. IKEA wanted to create a campaign that would help the many to create a place where they can recharge and get ready for life. Focus areas the bedroom, bathroom & storage of clothes & shoes.

Idea: What if you could ‘reset’’ your house in just the blink of an eye… with smart solutions, great designs and a little help from your favorite friendly retail rebels, anything is possible!

Rather than solely creating a TVC and mainly focusing on the general theme, we really wanted to create platform specific storylines and content, without losing the overarching narrative.

A teasing video was created for social to kick-off the campaign. The TVC was produced with various cut-downs and tag-ons in vertical, horizontal as well as square. Within the same studio we also shot ‘how-to’ videos and specifically created photography for challenges within social to get the community involvement. To fulfill the 360 approach we also created GIF stickers, supporting imagery that could be used by the interior designers at IKEA and on the website. In total over 150+ deliverables where created. Fun fact, we shot the TVC with a rarely used robotic arm, making it not only a great TTL campaign, but also a very technical & exciting shoot.

Head of Production: Camiel Verhey

Producer: Jip Stegmeijer

Director: Gijs Veerhoek

Creative Direction: Richard de Jong & Jan-Paul van der Velden

Creatives: Kim Ritskes, Tim Boom

DOP: Danny Noordanus

Sounddesign: Amp.Amsterdam

Production partner: Towel Media

Agency:  Wavemaker

Commercial Bedroom 35

Tag-on Bedroom

Behind the scenes

Teaser video social

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