Challenge: Amsterdam is the most beautiful place in the world. Okay, we may be a bit biased, but the city is known for its open and tolerant character. As long as you don't walk on the bike lanes, you can pretty much do anything here - very attractive for young tourists and party animals. Unfortunately, this freedom is often a source of all kinds of problems. With this campaign, we’ve taken the first steps to solve this problem.

Idea: The campaign focuses on four main sources of nuisance in the busiest areas of Amsterdam: noise on the streets, littering, drunkenness and public urination. Because pointing the finger and saying 'this is not allowed' works counter-effective for the target group, we give them two options: act, or risk a hefty fine. Money that the target group would rather spend on a night out.

We have adjusted the tone of voice to talk to the target group as they would with each other. With smart bannering on websites used for travel orientation like booking sites, we reach the visitors before they land in Amsterdam. Once they arrive, they are confronted with the same message in location-based social ads and dynamic out of home displays throughout the city. With all the distractions that the city offers, they can probably use a little reminder.

Content Director: Camiel Verhey

Producer: Rogier de Vries

Creative: Jochem Klicks & Mike Hupkens

Photography: Piet Oosterbeek

Agency: Wavemaker

Enjoy & Respect – Case video

Enjoy & Respect – Campaign visuals

Enjoy & Respect – Social media

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