Challenge: Coravin is a wine preservation system that allows you to enjoy a glass of wine without opening the bottle. The device is a success in the United States (US) and currently trying to gain market share in Europe. Coravin wanted to start its European marketing campaign in the United Kingdom (UK) and France.

Idea: In the US Coravin used a very product focused approach. In order to create awareness and intrigue the target audience in Europe, an integrated marketing campaign was created, with the necessary storyline and corporate identity. A commercial was made for the UK, a media partnership in France and the EU corporate identity was translated throughout the entire customer journey, including POS material.

Head of Production: Camiel Verhey

Line producer: With Milk Films (Capetown)

Creative Director: Richard de Jong

Director: Tobias Pekelharing

DOP: Floris van der Lee

Grading & Online: Laurens Orij

Production partner: HolyFools

Agency:  Wavemaker

Commercial UK 30"

Directors cut

Instruction video 20"

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