Challenge: For the launch of their new product the ’Colgate Max Whitening pen” , Colgate wanted to create an awareness campaign. Normally, Colgate uses one generic (television) commercial, but were convinced about the added value of local relevancy, local influencers and social approach.

Idea: A three-part video series '' The Ultimate Checklist '' with influencers & friends Anna Nooshin and Yara Michels was created. In order to create a distinctive storyline (less product focused, like all competitors) we had the girls talk to each other about the ultimate requirements for different situations (date, business meeting, premiere). Yara Michels was also the face on POS material.

Content Director: Camiel Verhey

Producer: Victoria Lechevalier

Creative: Joshua Hoogenboom

Director: Judith Veenendaal

DOP: Noel Schoolderman

Sounddesign: Michiel de Boer

Production partner: Mr.Frank

Agency:  Wavemaker

The Ultimate Checklist - Teaser

The Ultimate Checklist - Date

The Ultimate Checklist - Business meeting

The Ultimate Checklist - Première

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