Challenge: Bavaria 8.6. has always been a bit of the bad boy of the Royal Swinkels family brewers beer arsenal. 8.6 is like adding fuel to the fire, it kindles your passion to get the most out of that beautiful moment. The lager is known for its distinctive flavour and higher alcohol percentage. A flavour that is created through an specific process of bottom fermentation using our the families own yeast and finest ingredients. A great process and story that needed to be told.

Idea: Bavaria 8.6. is an intense but easy drinkable beer. Intense in its origin. Intense in its tastes. Intense in its flavour. Therefore we call it Intense by Nature. With this brand purpose as a starting point, we knew an endless film about processes and temperatures would not appeal to the audience. We needed to tell the story with the same intensity as Bavaria enjoys brewing 8.6. and the consumer enjoys drinking it. Thanks to Bavaria’s open mindedness and partner Nosh Film, we created a film that stands out in any market. Not surprisingly, after the campaign launched the UK & France other markets, like Italy and Spain, were very keen to use and have the film in their native language.

Head of Production: Camiel Verhey

Producer: Rogier de Vries

Creative Direction: Richard de Jong

Creative: Romario Dudok van Heel

Director: Jordy van Meer

DOP: Bas Andries

Production partner: Nosh Film

Agency: Wavemaker

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