Albert Heijn

Challenge: As TV viewing rates decline in the Netherlands, supermarket retailer Albert Heijn looks to online video as a new way of creating emotional connections with consumers. Their YouTube channel Appie Today achieved more 15.000 subscribers and 19 million views in its first year (2017). Wavemaker is one the partners that creates unique and engaging content for this platform.

Idea: Together with Studio Mals an unique 10 episodes Q&A series was produced to answers the most sought after questions surrounding food. Eye-catching (handmade) images where created together with high-end motion graphics in post-production

Head of Production: Camiel Verhey

Producer: Rogier de Vries

Creative: Silas Nout & Martin van der Molen

Director: Martin van der Molen

DOP: Koen Berkhout

Sounddesign: Elephant Ears

Production partner: Studio Mals

Agency: Wavemaker

AH Appie today - Etenswaardigheden Insecten

AH Appie today - Etenswaardigheden Vitamines

AH Appie today - Etenswaardigheden Koffie

AH Appie today - Etenswaardigheden Behind the scenes

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