Challenge: Amsterdam Marketing (iamsterdam) wanted a unique Brexit campaign to stands out in the many (uninspiring) city infomercials surrounding the Brexit. To attract international companies and talent.

Idea: Part 1 - Everyone knows them, the 'consumer info signs'. The funnier they are the more attention they get. It reminded us of the witty humor on the Dutch “Loesje” posters. In London her big brother named; A'dam Says was introduced in out of home advertisement.

Part 2 - Three personalized videos were created for the selected target groups ICT, Finance, Creative. With the use of just to two words (Work / Live) a distinctive and snappy video showed the unique en positive balance of working and living in Amsterdam. Very specific geo-targeting in the London created the traction within the target audience.

Role: Content Director

Agency: Wavemaker

Creative sector

Finance sector

ICT sector

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